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Ways to save on your energy bill this summer: (1 min. read)

Monday, May 22, 2023   /   by Blair Hayes

Ways to save on your energy bill this summer: (1 min. read)

Hot days are here which may mean you notice a spike in your energy bill. Here’s some tips to help lower your bill:

1.) Utilize natural light. Make the most of the sunny days by opening your blinds and letting the natural light in instead of turning on and off light switches. Aim to avoid opening blinds with direct sunlight, such as east-facing windows in the morning, to prevent that room from getting too warm.

2.) Make sure your air conditioning unit is clean and prepared to run efficiently. Dirty filters make your system work harder to provide cool air and also reduces the lifespan of it. Changing the filter on your HVAC every other month and keeping your condensing unit free of debris can make a huge difference.

3.) Unplug. Unplug. Unplug. The TV in the guest bedroom that only gets used on occasion? Unplug it. Devices that don’t get used all day long while you’re at work, unplug those. Simple changes can yield big results.

4.) Strategically plant trees and shrubbery next to windows to provide shade and keep your home a little cooler. 

5.) Reduce the need to heat water and enjoy cool showers on those hot days.

6.) Ensure your home is properly insulated in all areas, including the garage and especially your roof.

7.) Consider installing energy-efficient, double-paned windows the next time you replace the windows on your home.


Written by Blair Hayes, REALTOR®

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